Mazters Creation presents: Fynewrylst Memories - The Secret of the Golden River
About the Game

All musics are originally written & composed by Willy Dharman.

  • Overture
         This song is representing the Lands of Fynewrylst. A beautiful and peaceful lands which hide
         many secrets. This song is played during the game title.

  • Our Lands of Dream
         This song is the national anthem of Fynewrylst. It's played during the game introduction.

  • Deeds For Mr. Fish
         Good deeds will lead us to a victory. How we can save Fynewrylst?
         It depends on how is your relation with others, Mr. Fish is one of them who will lead you.

  • The Story of You and Me
         A tale of two best friends who share laughter and cry. Disagreement might be inevitable,
         but in the end, problems are solved together. This song is a cheerful one.

  • My Secret, Your Secret, and Our Past
         This is the theme song for this game. Lovers share their stories, how differences can be blend
         into a meaningful beauty relationship as long as love is there.

  • Who You Are to Judge Me? (Desperation)
         Be strong, don't let darkness fill your heart. Final confrontation of this game.

    The Secret of the Golden River Soundtracks (c) 2007 Willy Dharman. All rights reserved.

    All the midi files above are free for non-commercial used. If you use it, do let me know and
    please give me credit by includes my name (Willy Dharman - Mazters Creation)
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    Fynwrylst Memories: The Secret of the Golden River (c) 2007 Mazters Creation. All rights reserved.
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