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Fresh morning air, birds chirping, and beautiful moon at night, welcome to the Lands of Fynewrylst..

Fynewrylst is a huge archipelago, consist of 6 main islands which connected to each other.
Each island have their own secret and specialty. Turtle Island for instance, is famous for their levitation
spells. The whole islands contributed their powers greatly to the land, build the strength of Fynewrylst.
Each island is ruled by the royal family and their knights. For centuries, the royal families hold the secret
of each island, and have the power to protect their island, with their knights who are ready to defend the island.

The legend said that Fynewrylst was developed when three life sources were grown and merge into one.
Those life sources are water source, earth source, and energy source.

Water source came from the magic of the Golden River, located at the main island. It's a magical river
where the water will always shine and will never dry. Hence, keep the fertility of the lands.

Earth source came from the magical soil of Canary Island. No vegetation will fail if the soil is used.
Poverty will never occur when the lands keep producing.

Energy source came from the magic mountain buried deep within the sea of Fynewrylst.
Nobody has seen it before. The legend said that a huge source of energy are always covered with fire,
thus, keeping the stability of the climate.

One life source brings life to another life sources. For many generations of the royal families,
These life sources are being protected by the royal families and their knights.

The Golden River and the magical soil are the life sources which compliment to each other.
Everlasting flow of the magic water supplies the wonderful magic soil.The powerful energy source
absorbed by the Golden River, keeping the energy level at the perfect state.

Everywhere in Fynewrylst are so peaceful. Everybody live in harmony, helping each other.
There is no better place to live beside living in the Lands of Fynewrylst.

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