Mazters Creation presents: Fynewrylst Memories - The Secret of the Golden River
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Destiny of Tomorrow

"Tomorrow can't be predicted. But we can do more to prepare for tomorrow.", said the Magician of Fynewrylst.

Life after the Golden River revival is not as glorious as what people thinks. Our famous, eager young,
craftsman, Cedric, who is now, one of the Fynewrylst' Knight, is now an apprentice of the Magician of
Fynewrylst. Not a single minute spent without the magic lesson from the Magician.

Three years has passed, yet Cedric is still far from being a magician. Perhaps he is still a better painter
than a wizard.

      "Master, I don't think I have talent to become a magician.", said Cedric.

      "Don't worry my child, the courage and spirit you got makes you a better person", said Magician.

      "But Master..", said Cedric.

      "Say no more, Cedric. Learn from me and trust me, everything will be alright", said Magician.

Cedric listen to his master and keep the questions he had by himself. He believes that together with all
creatures of Fynewrylst, he can protect his beloved Lands of Fynewrylst..
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Destiny of Tomorrow
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