Mazters Creation presents: Fynewrylst Memories - The Secret of the Golden River
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The Golden River

It's just another morning when everybody woke up on their bed. Thick smell of morning dew penetrates
everybody's mind giving a new spirit at the beginning of their day. Life at Fynewrylst is about to begin.

As other people start their business, so does Cedric, a not-so-famous, eager young craftsman. Not many
people known about his works. Not yet at least. Cedric bring his painting canvas out of his house.
Scenery of a house depicted very well in the canvas. Maybe our craftsman here is a better painter.
Cedric look at his painting and smiled. "This is good enough for me as I'm not a painter.", he thinks.

With satisfaction, Cedric go inside his house and hang the painting on his wall. As usual, Cedric always
wandering around the village in the morning and greet everybody he meet in his way.

It is when Cedric reach the Golden River, when he feel something wrong is about to happen. The water
of the river is begun to dry. In a short while, the river becomes completely dry. No more fresh air
and a bird is become sick, falling down, at hit the ground.

Soon after, someone magically appeared in front of Cedric. It's the Magician of Fynewrylst. Rumors said
that he was once a knight of Fynewrylst. He should know something about the Golden River.

What happen to the Golden River? How the Lands of Fynewrylst can survive without the water source?
What long can Fynewrylst last? Find the answers in this game:

Fynewrylst Memories: The Secret of the Golden River
We hope you play and enjoy the game

It is suggested that you complete the game first before read the next chapter, as it contains spoiler.

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